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About R.A.P.C.

RAPC PT is a home decoration and small furniture exporter based in Indonesia. Our headquarters is in the multicultural hub of Bali, Indonesia, and we have a satellite factory in Jepara, right in the center of the furniture production region of Indonesia. We are a 100% foreign-owned, family company (Belgian) that creates products throughout the different materials available on the archipelago. With our in-house sample production and development, we are constantly innovating and combining materials, so we can create new products every month. We produce a catalog every month with around 2-300 new items throughout all of the types of items and materials we are active in. We provide our own 75+ employees with work directly, and through our subcontractors, we employ around 2000+ people in remote areas of Indonesia. Very often, the regions where work is a luxury and not easy to have a steady job besides cultivating rice, cattle or other farmers' activities. Because of the work that we provide, many people can lift their standard of life, feed their families and send their kids to school.

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We can offer you a wide range of decorative products and materials such as, statues, candle holders, concrete and natural stone flower pots, animal skulls and various other products in bamboo, rotan, stone, wood and marble. We can provide custom designs as well as various products we already have in our product range. Custom designs can be protected and will be only sold to the client who provides his own design.